In addition to the listings below, we also offer Baffle tanks and Pump tanks.

We use 4000 psi, fiber-reinforced concrete for our septic tanks. All concrete is batched on site and we NEVER use job site returns or “hot concrete”

We use Tuf-TiteĀ© brand pipe seals for 4 inch pipe connections.

We’d love to talk to you about customizing your septic tank by changing the location and size of fittings. Please allow 10-14 day lead-time on custom orders.

Add $75 for a PVC lid.

1000 gallon Septic Tank – $675


Holds 1000 gallons.

1500 gallon Septic Tank – $875


Holds 1500 gallons

2000 gallon Reservoir – $1550


10 feet 6 inches long X 5 feet 6 inches wide X 5 feet 10 inches tall. Holds 2000 gallons.


Quoted per Job. Contact us Today!

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