Functional & Stylish Retaining Walls
for Residential & Commercial Applications

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Verti-Block Retaining Walls provided by West End Precast Concrete

Verti-Block precast concrete retaining walls are a cost-effective and labor-reducing method to provide structural retention of earth or water. Our blocks are cast hollow, which provides significant advantage in both transportation and construction. After the blocks are set, they are filled with gravel. This gravel provides mass to hold the load, as well as drainage to provide a better route for water to move from behind the wall.

Standard measurements for Verti-Block blocks are 2’ × 4’ × 3’ and can create up to a 14′ gravity wall without reinforcement. With proper reinforcement, it can go even higher. Verti-Block’s highly engineered, hollow design makes it lighter, more affordable and easier to handle than solid blocks.

Verti-Block retaining wall blocks can be used in very tight spaces, allowing designers and engineers to create pleasing designs without hassle. Construction doesn’t suffer either because Verti-Blocks are less burdensome than alternatives and can be moved more easily.

Verti-Block Retaining wall with guard rail mounted on top

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